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We are proud to offer the absolute highest end jewelry available in this industry. The nature of these pieces means that cost will fluctuate depending on which jewelry you choose. We have something for everyone here, it is always easiest to come in for a quote!





This is just the cost of me piercing you! The piercing fee may change if you're doing multiple piercings. Its best to ask about your specific project. This fee also includes things like supplies and steriliziation costs that go into doing a piercing.


This is where things get tricky. The same piercing in this shop could cost one client 50 dollars and another 2,000 dollars. We offer such a wide range of jewelry selection that its hard to pin down an exact jewelry cost. For most piercings with a simple titanium gem end you will be near the 85 dollar range. With a simple beaded end you may be around 60 dollars to give you an idea.

Its usually best to set an appointment to come in take a look at the jewelry we offer to get a more accurate quote


You leave with the most well done piercing possible and the safest and best looking jewelry available today. Zero corners are cut and you get peace of mind along with a great support system afterwards


This is just to swap or remove jewelry whether it be from me or somewhere else. I will never insert low quality jewelry into someone that has been bought elsewhere. If you have concerns about a current piece you own feel free to stop in and I can take a look.



Piercings typically swell a bit. You will want to eventually downsize your new piercing to the apropriate length for wearing in a healed piercing. Some piercings may require two downsizes. This cost is usually no more than 25 dollars depending on what the piercing is and this topic will be discussed at length the day of your new piercing. If you've had a piercing for quite awhile and never changed your jewelry its more than likely able to be downsized and will fit you much much better. Everyone is different and I will size your specific piece to fit you perfectly.

My goal is to have everyone achieve their aesthetic and mental vision through body piercing. The only way I will turn someone down is if the piercing is unsafe due to things like anatomy or other relevant variables. It does not bother me if you usually go to another shop, I am always willing to take a few mintues out to speak to you about ideas or help you troubleshoot something. Stop in or email anytime you like!


What I mean by this is; once you already have my "hardware" and only want to change your  gemstone ends, its significantly less expensive than buying an entire new piece. For example:

A lip piercing once downsized and healed can have ends changed easily. My jewelry is threaded so we can remove your end and just replace that part without replacing the entire piece.

When you invest in the initial piece you're actually saving yourself money in the long run! My jewelry is guaranteed for life also so you will never have to buy a new piece due to workmanship issues.

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