To my clients, both future and present-

   My name is Coyote Black. I am a Father, Husband, Professional Piercer, and Jewelry Consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My piercing career started in 2008 in the wonderful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since that time I have been an active member of the industry and contributed to various outlets that push the boundaries of modern body piercing as we know it.

   When I came to Mantis, I did so with the intent to offer the safest, highest quality, most beautiful piercing and jewelry services in the world. I wanted to bring the feel of a high end, couture fashion shop to the world of body piercing and I am proud to be able to say that we have achieved this goal and able to share it with all of you!


   Of course, everything starts with the person behind the counter and it is important to me that all of you have a good understanding of who I am, and what my skillset is. Below you will find my personal piercing credentials.


*Association of Professional Piercers Business Member in good standing

*Member of the APP Membership Committee

*Annual APP Conference Attendee

*2x Nominee for the APP Board of Directors

*Advanced classes in industry specific aseptic technique, piercing workshops, and ethics

*Annual APP Conference Attendee

*Annually Renewed CPR Training

*Annually Renewed First Aid Training
*Annually Renewed Bloodbourne Pathogens training

*Writer/ Contributor for BME's ModBlog

The fact that you've landed on this website is already a testament to your research. I commend your hard work and hope sincerely that we can help you with your next jewelry purchase or new piercing. Please, take the time to review the website in full and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

I'll see you soon!