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The following links are a complete and detailed list of how to care for your new piercing.


These are the APP Guidelines for Aftercare, or for oral piercing care follow this link.




Don't. Play. With. It.

I can't stress enough how important this is! The jewelry you have in (if pierced by me) is some of the finest in the industry, and its biocompatible. The less you play with the jewelry the less trauma and stress you're putting on a healing wound. YOU DO NOT NEED TO TWIST OR TURN ANY PIERCING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.


No harsh soaps or products!

Harsh antibacterial soaps like Dial can be damaging to sensitive tissue and actually prolong your healing process. Usually irrigation with water in the shower will suffice and if you do accidentally get any soap on a fresh piercing make sure you rinse it clean. Things like alcohol, peroxide, facewash, makeup, etc. are all potentially damaging to your new piercing.


Something just seems off?


Give me a call! I'm happy to help anyone who has a question about their new piercing even if I'm not the one who pierced you. I want everyone to have a happy and healthy piercing experience no matter what! I help folks with piercings done elsewhere almost every single day, dont be afraid to reach out!

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