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Piercers get asked a lot of questions (I love answering questions!). Here are a few common inquiries I get. 

Will getting a piercing hurt?


In short, yes, However piercing is nothing you cant handle! Most piercings are over before you know it and you're on your way with a shiny new piece of jewelry. By using the internally threaded and high polish jewelry (as well as the best needles and supplies available) it will help your piercing experience be all the more painless. Don't get inside your own head! Stay confident and you'll be impressed with how easy the entire experience really is when you're done!

What if I'm allergic to certain materials?


Make sure you check out the Jewelry Quality page! On that page it will explain why we only use and sell the best materials from the most reputable companies. Using implant grade materials virtually eliminates most risks caused by allergies.

Will you pierce under the age of 16 with consent?



I'm a minor (16-17) what can I use for ID?



Is piercing safe?


Yes! There is a lot of work that goes into making every single piercing I do the safest it could possibly be. If at any time I feel there is a risk to anybody's safety I simply will not go through with the procedure. Good aseptic technique, proper sterilization, and proper disinfection keep you AND me safe! 

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